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Project Management Portfolio

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Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification

The PMP® Certification requires three elements when determining candidate qualification:

(1) 4-Year Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Performing Arts, The University of Georgia, DECEMBER 2009

(2) 35 Contact Hours: The PMP® Exam Prep Seminar: ID 109EPSWB Course has provided me with the requirement of 35 PMI Contact Hours and was taught by project management author and expert Joseph Phillips. Joseph is the author of several project management books from McGraw-Hill, the American Management Association, and Dummies Press. He is certified as a PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL, Project+, and is a Certified Technical Trainer. My Verification Number is: 55983029605927  


PMP Exam Prep Seminar Completion - Attestation of 35 Contact Hours

(3) 36 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years: As my resume will show, I have a solid 39 months of experience, in addition to 16 months of Production experience, plus a supplemental10 years as a Self-Employed Voice Actress (come November 2023).

Click Here To View and Download Experience Summary

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  • Credential #: 3646311

  • Earned: 13th September, 2023

  • Renewal Deadline: 12th September, 2026

Official PMP Certification

As an Entrepreneur with a proven background in all facets of project management, video editing, production, and content development, I have been successful in producing positive results and I have a consistent history of advancing shared company goals.

Below are examples of my project management experience. You will find this accumulation does not showcase every project, as I have worked on Industry-Sensitive material that cannot be shared publicly.


However, I have included some personal content-creation pieces that demonstrates my skill in Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing, along with my creative writing, marketing, communications, production experience, and directing ability.


Multiple Various Projects
Marketing Communications Specialist
at Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

  • Design, develop, and execute marketing communications campaigns and plans, including content for print, websites, social media, and email.

  • Coordinate with venues and vendors to procure materials for events and schedule couriers for delivery to out-of-state activities.

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop program materials for forums, workshops, exhibits, and presentations, as well as supporting graphics, audio/video, and other media components.

  • Research, collect, organize, and perform ad-hoc reports for outreach opportunities to maintain information for identified target markets and specialty groups.

  • Develop a social media strategic plan for content development with scheduled postings. Collect, analyze, and report data on effectiveness of executed campaigns and strategies.

  • Certain events required a Project Manager, in which role I filled. Such activities included:

    • 2021 Fall Self-Study Forum

    • 2021 Program Administrators Workshop

    • Exhibitor's Table at multiple Conferences


Marketing Manager, Catholic Charities Atlanta

  • Designated as Project Manager; booked production studio and auctioneer; coordinated shot schedule & led production crew as director during filming.

  • Coordinated external production crew and internal staff during live events.

  • Scripted Run of Show, retrieved raw footage, and completed all editing aspects and graphics for pre-recorded sessions.

  • Applied for Raffle License and ran the entire Auction process, from procurement of items to the distribution to the winners. 

  • Designed, developed, wrote, and executed a completely virtual fundraising event (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) that had been initially scheduled as in-person.

  • Successfully raised $147,000 in donations; exceeding our goal by $22,000.

Hope Realized Breakfast

Marketing Manager, Catholic Charities Atlanta

Hope Realized Breakfast.JPG
  • Designated as Project Manager; coordinated shot schedule & led production crew as director during filming. 

  • Wrote the scripts and Created a storyboard for the team to visualize.

  • Created the electronic donation form. 

  • Retrieved raw footage and completed all editing aspects, including photo manipulation.

  • Successfully raised $107,000 in donations; exceeding our goal by $27,000.


Multiple Various Projects
Marketing Manager, Catholic Charities Atlanta

​Due to Budgetary constraints, I often acted as the
Project Manager for CCA in multiple instances​.

Such activities included:

The above video is a sample of an Internal Tutorial for Staff that I wrote, produced, directed, and edited entirely on my own.

  • ​Giving Tuesday

  • Annual Appeal

  • Virtual President's Circle Events

  • President Circle Retreat

  • Virtual Charity Run

  • Internal tutorials for staff, such as the "Joining YouTube" video.

  • Tutorials for guests and donors, such as the Mobile Bidding App

  • Tutorials for guests and donors, such as the Mobile Bidding App

  • Lead the planning and execution of fundraising event efforts and media campaigns to raise $1,245,000 of the annual departmental goal of $1,900,000.

  • Assist in the development of Marketing budget and the creation of the Strategic Marketing Plan.

  • Provide analytic metrics and directly report to the Board of Directors and CEO.


Marketing videos
Project Manager at Crisp Video Group

  •  Responsible for liaising between my 30 clients and each selected cinematographer; developed production booklets and storyboards based on client needs while providing deliverables on time.

  • Coordinated ongoing video campaigns and reviewed edits to ensure client satisfaction; organized weekly creative meetings with clients and cinematographers to collaborate on content creation.

  • Utilized upselling sales techniques and service knowledge to encourage customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons to generate revenue and influence client retention.



Children's Webseries
Project Manager at MCNE STUDIOS

  • Operated as the Creative Director and Associate Producer for children’s content; directed a team of 3 in pre-production, production, & post-production processes.

  • Served as the Writer, Producer, and Performer on a YouTube series which averaged 1M views per episode, with the most popular hitting 11M.

  • Successfully transcribed scripts, filmed and performed scenes, assisted with edits, and provided voice-over.

  • Demonstrated success in creating and developing the Doll Show on a low budget, resulting in additional employees being hired to form a team for the production.


Multiple YouTube Channels
Project Manager at MCNE STUDIOS

Along with "Naiah And Elli Doll Show", I also assisted with managing individual video projects for the multiple channels run by MCNE Studios. Responsibilities Included:

  • Research trends and create video theme; collect all materials needed for video; played stage hand during filming process. Occasionally also performed secondary characters.

  • Schedule shoot, direct filming, manage camera or B-Roll as was necessary; clean-up after filming.

  • Edit Raw Footage; Edit photography for thumbnails

  • Analyze the success of the video for future video planning

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​As a Client Success Manager, I was responsible for developing and retaining client relationships, acting as a liason between client and my colleagues. My main accomplishment was winning the responsibility of the 3rd largest client for the company.

My role had identical responsibilities as a Project Manager, in that I was indeed the Project Manager for the Implementation of any client requested software integration or upgrade. 

  • Oversaw the scheduling of meetings and organization of implementation tasks; composed weekly and monthly health status reports for client assessments, while mediating between the client and company.

  • Engaged with clients to troubleshoot software issues and escalated for quick recovery.

  • Enhanced various processes and developed documentation that was approved and used in training.

  • Effectively developed and implemented documentation for workflow procedures, maintained daily issue log reports, and collaborated with various teams, including sales, operations, and development.

  • Offered product support to customers, partners, and consultants in compliance with procedures; efficiently resolved problems with varying levels of complexity.

  • Executed monthly and quarterly director reports and audits for clients.

e-Learning & Explainer videos
& Audiobook narration

Voiceover Services
Self-employed Voiceover Artist

Consultant Branding.png
  • Managed communication and project completion for client satisfaction.

  • Deliver voice-over services across multiple genres, including telephony, eLearning, commercials, and narration.

  • Operate audio editing software to generate high-quality products for clients.

  • Fabricate videos through video editing software as content for digital marketing and social media growth.

  • Present entertaining and educational content through easily consumable mediums.

  • Have produced 44 audiobooks, 42 e-Learning Presentations, and over 150 explainer videos over the course of 9 years.


• Self-Produced and Managed Projects •

Although not externally-funded, these self-produced and self-managed projects illustrate the innate project management processes needed for a structured and successful product. Below are some samples that I find relevant in showing the following skills:

Research & Metric Analysis


Script Writing

Content Creation

Creative Writing

Marketing & PR

• Marketing / PR Portfolio •

THUMBNAIL ONLY - Marketing Portfolio.png

• WRITING SAMPLES - Articles •

• Creative Writing •


A FLY .jpg

There was a fly in my recording booth, so I wrote a poem about it.
Poetry recited by me.


The Tooth and The Crawlspace.png



Genevieve (Vivi) had been hoping for a fun weekend after a hard week at school but things take a very unexpected turn when she finds a large animal tooth on the floor in her home. What creature did it belong to and… what was that shadow?


Magic, Mystery, and a bit of Mayhem awaits just through the crawlspace.

I found a random animal tooth in my home one day and still have no idea where it came from. I started with that oddity and ran with it!

Title Cover.png



Cari Favole put together this collection of stories for the initial purpose of her podcast “Reading With Cari: Stories To Fall Asleep To”, a Mindfulness Podcast series designed to be used as a Sleep Aid or to ease your anxiety and relieve your stress. She then added additional stories, so this would be a unique experience! If you have chosen to purchase the audiobook, all of the stories are read by Cari Favole herself, over the course of several years. After all, it was fate that drew her to this project as “Favole” is Italian for “Fairy Tales.”

I had been reading fairy tales on my podcast and realized it would make a wonderful audiobook! So, I made some adjustments and self-published this collection. 

NOTE: I did write the Introduction (Retail Sample) as well as a few stories within.

Cecily The Distinctive - COVER.jpg



Cecily, the Italian Greyhound puppy, loved her cuddle time with Mommy; there was always time for snuggles! But Cecily also loved her play time. Her mind would race with exciting day dreams and make-believe. Such grand, daring, high-stakes adventures! And she, the brave heroine, was champion of all! Unfortunately, her cat family didn't quite enjoy how Cecily played.

Does that mean Cecily needs to change who she is?


This short story explores the idea of staying true to who you are while being cognizant of how to communicate and collaborate with others.

My dog, Cecily Maria Fiori Favole. This is a true story, just with some personification.


Destăinure YT Thumbnail.jpg


"Destăinure" is a short creative project based off a book idea I (Cari Favole) have but will probably never actually write. 


I was invited to write a short scene to potentially be chosen and created into an animated video. I never heard an update, so I believe my scene wasn't chosen, but I was still really pleased with the copy, so I decided to release it myself!

Written, Performed, Audio mix and mastering, and video creation by Me.

SONG CREDIT: NEFFEX - You Will Never See Me Coming 🤫

Doll Story: Amber's Monologue (Forever Smiling)

Based off the idea of a Barbie doll stuck forever smiling, which was an obstacle I had to overcome while working with them at a former job as a Content Creator.


I also mixed relatable concepts and a confession from a real-life friend of mine regarding a friend of hers. I played with the concept of having someone you genuinely love outshine you in every way. Originally, I had a different Amber doll selected - she was much paler and had a toothy-smile, however I could not find a Made-to-Move Barbie to match her skin tone, so I had to compromise. With the one-angle camera (to keep the vlog realism), it was very important that the doll be able to move more fluidly.

Written, Performed, Filmed, and Edited by Me.


Clipped Tails and the City - Volume 1

What a modern-day fairy tale might look like.

A prospective client wanted to hear a creative audio sample that included multiple voices with additional sound effects. The idea was to be comical while also giving a serious vocal performance.

Written By: Maria Liatis
Voice Performance (all): Cari Favole
Audio mix and mastering: Cari Favole
Video creation: Cari Favole

Content Creation


• YouTube Channel - PSYPRIS •

How To Doll.JPG
3 Simple Tasks.JPG

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