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It's All About The Story

Narratives weave through every aspect of business, from targeted marketing campaigns to seamless product implementations and service provisions—all with the ultimate aim of problem resolution. Recognizing that Project Management hinges significantly on communication, I bring a unique blend of skills to amplify this crucial aspect. Holding a Project Management Professional certification, I possess tangible experience in steering cross-functional teams. My commitment to excellence drives me to evolve continually, striving to be a reliable and indispensable team member. The synergy of my adeptness at rapid learning and multitasking, coupled with exceptional client relationship management, positions me as an engaging and effective Project Manager.

Furthermore, I boast over 15 years of hands-on experience in content production. My proficiency spans audio and video editing, as well as writing and directing, making me a storyteller from conception to completion.


In certain situations, an additional perspective can be invaluable, while in other instances, outsourcing the majority of tasks may prove to be the most effective strategy. Regardless of your specific requirements, I am available to provide the support you need.

Additional Services

Production Assistant

I can provide general support and assistance to your production team, including: administrative duties, coordinating logistics, and aiding in the smooth execution of production activities.

Audio/Sound Editor

I am able to manipulate and enhance audio elements in various media productions, to include: cutting, mixing, and arranging sound components. I specialize in podcasts and audiobooks.

Video Editor

I can edit and assemble video footage, combining visual elements, such as transitions and effects, and audio elements to create a cohesive and compelling visual storytelling.

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