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As a certified Project Management Professional specializing in Client Success and Marketing, I bring substantial hands-on experience in imparting knowledge with clarity and precision. Furthermore, my role as a Professional Voice Over Artist has involved narrating over 400 Whiteboard Animations and 40 eLearning Presentations, affording me a comprehensive understanding of effectively communicating information in an engaging manner.

In light of this unique combination of skills, I have chosen to integrate these proficiencies into a specialized service offering.


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Public Speaker

Need a representative to share your idea, service, or product to a live audience?
Let me be your orator!

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Have an award to bestow or an honor to grant? I can be your master of ceremonies (also called an "emcee").

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Onboarding Specialist

Wish you had an expert to conduct your organizational training? I can transfer your information in an engaging way.


Have an event you'd like my assistance with? Send a message and start the conversation!

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