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Cari Favole 2022 Rebrand Headshot.png

Business Background

Dynamic Production Manager

Content Marketing | Project Management | Implementation

Knowledgeable professional specializing in Customer Relations and Communications with experience in all facets of project coordination, content development, and video production within various environments. Skilled in collaborating with various members of the organization to achieve business and production objectives. Highly adept at increasing social media engagement and retention, improving client success, and enhancing product quality by utilizing a variety of software and proactively leading the implementation of significant projects.

Creative Background

 "Youthful, Sweet, Smooth like Honey, Vibrant, Bright Voice"

My warm, sultry, smooth voice can provide both reassurance for heartfelt moments and an allure for the more flirty, sensual scenes. As a contrast, my high-energy, zesty voice can create an innocent child, full of wonder, or a naïve yet dependable "princess" type character. My non-accent American Dialect and perfect diction supplies professional assertion for any presentation and my wonderful work ethic will ensure you get exactly what you're looking for!

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