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Cari Favole • (912) 222-1407 •


"Youthful, Sweet, Smooth like Honey, Vibrant, Bright Voice"

My warm, sultry, smooth voice can provide both reassurance for heartfelt moments and an allure for the more flirty, sensual scenes. As a contrast, my high-energy, zesty voice can create an innocent child, full of wonder, or a naive yet dependable "princess" type character. My non-accent American Dialect and perfect diction supplies professional assertion for any presentation and my wonderful work ethic will ensure you get exactly what you're looking for!


Demo Reels


Girl Next Door, Femme Fatale, Princess, Calm, Friendly, Inviting, Conversational, Personal, Genuine, Sincere, Kind, Flirty, Funny, Peppy, High Energy, Nasally, Liquid, Fluid, Smooth, Warm, Posh, Polished, Casual, Young, Youthful, Spirited, High Register, High Pitch, Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Airy, Breathy, Raspy, Edgy, Melodic, Sweet, Animated, Bright, Happy, Cheerful, Natural, Approachable.

Video Samples


ADR, Animation, Audiobook, Broadcast, Cartoon, Character, Commercial, Corporate Narration, Digital, Education, eLearning Presentations, Explainer Videos, Internet, IVR, Mobile Game Apps, Podcast, Promo, Radio, Sizzle Reel, Television, Telephony, Trailers, Video Game, Whiteboard Animation, YouTube.

Training & Education

BFA Theatre: Performance Art, University of Georgia 
Script Analysis / Foundations of Performance Design 
Costuming / Makeup for the Performing Arts 
Foundations of Acting / Scene Study 
Voice and Movement Fundamentals 

Performing Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design 
Introduction to Performance 

Eileen Kimble Productions 
Interpreting Copy 
Commercial Voice Over 
Character Voice Over 

Global Voice Acting Academy 
Youthful VO 
Animation VO 
Marketing & Branding with Anne Ganguzza 


Gravy for the Brain
Voiceover Courses Track Designed for Career Development

The Neighborhood Studio 
3-part workshop with Bob Carter 

Atlanta Voiceover Studio 
Seminar with Jeffrey Umberger 

Dream Bigg Productions 
Marketing in Animation 

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