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I have always tried to be a positive, optimistic person and certainly am not one to drag another down with gossip and rumors. With that said, this blog catalogs my journey into the voice acting industry and therefore, any actions that I take should be documented.

If you have kept up with the latest news in the Industry, you are probably already well aware of the issue in regards to Pay to Play sites – namely, Voices dot com. I won’t go into much detail but I will say that the company has been caught doing some unethical business practices which, in summary, is a mistreatment of voice talent.

The industry as a whole, through groups like World Organizations, Inc., has banned together to demand answers from David Cicarelli, the founder and CEO of voices. Unfortunately, Mr. Cicarelli’s answers did nothing to quell the unrest.

Now, I had never paid for a subscription however I had signed up for a free account to merely spread my name, in the hopes of finding future clientele. But in light of all the recent information, I felt I had an obligation to cancel said account, in an effort to unite with my fellow professionals and take a stand against the unethical practices.

The site does not have a “delete profile” button – in order to remove your account, you must write to the company and make a request. Hating that I had to ruffle feathers but knowing that I must take a stand, I wrote this:

Good afternoon:

I would like to request that you remove my account. After careful deliberation of the recent events that have been brought to my attention, I have concluded that I no longer wish to have my name associated in any way with this site.

Thank you!

I didn’t want to be uncivil but I knew the importance of alerting them to the reason I was ending our very minor-relationship. Within 3 minutes, I received a response:

I hope this email finds you well.  As requested, your account has been deleted.

We’re sorry to lose you as a member of Was there something in particular that you were unsatisfied with?

Any feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated. Please know that you’re welcome to join again at any time.

Best wishes,

I am not a confrontational person and having never used the site, I feel it would be wrong to press the issue further. The removal of my name from their pool of talent, although just a single number in their large tally, did more than a response ever could.

I am still a member of Voice123 as my membership doesn’t expire until January and their practices are a bit different. I am undecided as to whether to renew my membership or not but at the moment, I don’t think I will.

I hate to have such a negative post and it is my hope that I’ve written this in a manner that is truthful without being spiteful or unfair in any way. I request that you individually seek out the information about P2P site practices and determine for yourself if it’s something you wish to participate in.

With that said – I have some very exciting news to share, which I will do in a separate post.

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