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Voce Del Favole and the Mysterious Hissing noise: The Birth of the Studio-Booth!

It’s always difficult to set aside a space in your home designated for work but it’s especially tricky when that space has the extra requirement of needing absolute silence…

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’re aware of my long-standing issue with the ‘hissing’ noise in my audio. I’ve turned off the A/C, the fans are off, doors and windows closed, the wall clock is moved – and still there is that white noise in the background. After relocating my microphone to every crevice of my craft room, I finally cracked and went to Google. And I found the blog of voice actor Jordan Reynolds, who listed several ways of curing this ailment, including Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth.

This was my first attempt to correct the acoustic problem. It’s very… economic

Using their tutorial (with my budget) I came up with the above picture. This beauty is a bit… awkward but it helped with my acoustic dilemma. I was still hearing a slight hiss but I started wondering if maybe it was my ears! Still, I was satisfied enough to live with that quality of audio to start out.

Shortly after, I got a call from Andy, one of the directors on the project Stable II, who asked if I wanted to purchase his homemade studio-booth, which was currently sitting in storage after his relocation. Having previously used the booth and knowing the audio quality to be great, I decided to go for it. Truthfully, I did struggle with the decision for a day or so but I realized that this is the last thing I could possibly do to stop the hissing noise. (I’ve already tested my microphone so I know that is not the issue, it’s just very sensitive and picks up anything in the room!). Plus, this booth came with free delivery and set-up. While I may be crafty, I’m honest with myself enough to know I can’t do hard labor.

Confident in my decision, I grew ever more excited to be that much closer to calling myself professional!

Before Picture – this is how the studio came to me.

Fellow Voice Actor Al Ross and his father were wonderful enough to deliver and setup the booth, which had been broken down to make storing it easier. I was a bit overwhelmed at the size *pause for snickering TWSS fans* but I was even more confident that purchasing this booth had been the right decision.

Due to the breaking down & storing of the booth, the foam had almost all been destroyed. But I was determined not to let that hold me back; this booth is now my baby and there was work to be done!

“During” photo shows the process of putting the pieces back together

Following Andy’s original blueprint, I purchased Egg Crate (for beds – you can laugh but it’s a very cheap way to get very real results!) and nailed it to the walls, ceiling and door of the interior, which already had insulation foam firmly in place. Using an area rug, I carpeted the floor and I squirted expanding foam into the cracks (where the walls connected to each other).

It’s not actually that dark in person but it is horrible lighting for picture-taking!

While the work isn’t done aesthetically, it is now functional as a Studio Booth. I do plan on puttying some of the nails that are showing through, painting the exterior black and stenciling my “brand name”, Voce Del Favole, onto the door. (I’ll be sure to post Before/After pictures of that as well!)

Getting a little artistic with it.

I hope you enjoyed my process of eliminating the mysterious hissing noise. Once the Convention season is over, I will be hitting the audition-scene hard as well as producing some of my own projects. Either way, I’m very excited to share future endeavors with you and I thank you for continuing to read about my journey.

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