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The Starting Point

We all have one; the launch pad, the introduction, the conception, the beginning.

This is mine.

I was four when I knew with certainty that I wanted to be an actress. Already loving the make believe, I found joy in the thought of bringing pleasure to others. I thought, even if I played the villain or was in a ‘very sad movie’, I would still be entertaining; cultivating emotions that make one feel human. I did not want to be a princess, I wanted to act as one.

By the age of six or seven, my sister introduced me to the world of Voice Over. We would play “Guess that voice” with the cartoons we watched – I knew Jim Cummings, Rob Pauslen, Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker, Cree Summer etc & so forth. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and I thought my sister was awesome for wanting to be a voice actress.

Growing up, I felt the pull of responsibility – I should become a Nurse or a Psychologist. I even thought about becoming a Police Officer but no one could keep a straight face when I told them, so I figured that would be an uphill battle. I was nicknamed “James Franco” for all of the career possibilities I had but none of them ever truly satisfied me. My parents were very supportive and told me to pursue my dreams and so I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre (With a focus in Performing Arts) from the University of Georgia. (I took a semester at SCAD but was unsatisfied with their Theatre program).

From there, it was a rocky road to continue my passion. My overwhelming sense of financial responsibility kept me from most auditions and with the exception of a truly fun experience auditioning for a Character Look-alike at Walt Disney World, my dreams fell to the back burner. Until I took at job at Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

With the support of my family and now my coworkers, I was able to start dreaming again. I was introduced to one of our instructors, Eileen Kimble, and with her guidance I am gaining the skill and knowledge to pursue voice acting. I have just received my Commercial Demo and I am currently working on my Character Demo. Once I have these (and perhaps my Narration Demo), I will be an official aspiring Voice Over Artist and will finally start auditioning again.

No one ever follows the same path in life and that is especially true for any artistic career. But I am once again filled with passion and hope and for once, I am finally feeling my feet begin to walk.

This is my Starting Point. And I welcome you to watch and see where I go!

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