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The Great Move of 2018

So here I sit, another mid-morning Sunday; my favorite time to just ‘be’ and enjoy nature. True, I tend to journal at this time using technology but I listen to the birds chirp and the wind rustle the leaves as I do so.

This morning is a little different although I hope it will soon become the norm.

Yesterday, we finally had our furniture moved to our new house. As you might recall in an earlier post, my sister and I have been renting a house together for a little over 5 years and decided to purchase a house of our own. We’ve upgraded from a 3 bed / 2 bath to a 4 bed / 2.5 bath with a little over 300 extra sq ft. I’m certain we’ll do a house tour soon enough!

One of the best features of the house isn’t the built-in bookshelf or master-bedroom sized sunroom with 3 screened doors ( #humblebrag) but the natural brightness of the house. The windows are all large and the house faces North, so we get to enjoy both sunrise and sunset as a peaceful transition, allowing natural light to invade the house for longer (in my opinion). I in fact can enjoy every room in the house without ever turning on a light switch (bathroom aside). We also agreed to add 10 miles to our work commute in order to enjoy a more tranquil setting. No more will we hear the busy road traffic or the incessant honking of the train (we get it, Phil, you’re passing through. Thank you!)

But my shoddy classic novel inspired Descriptive narration has a point (aside from fulfilling my self-imposed obligation as I discussed last week).

My Studio.

This blog usually journals my personal journey into professional voice acting. If you’ve read my earlier installments, you know I started out in a wooden box in my garage and then outfitted the master bedroom’s walk-in closet as a much more comfortable studio. I was as pleased as could be, given that I was renting and couldn’t add the acoustic treatment properly to the walls (I got creative).

My studio will continue to be in the master bedroom’s walk-in closet but really, we consider the house to have 4.5 rooms because “Blue Heavens” is it large. It easily fits 3 adults comfortably sitting on the floor; it even has it’s own window with a view of a tree in which a blue bird loves to perch.

In fact, I almost have the problem of it being too large. Not a problem I mind having, but I can fit my microphone, audio engineering equipment (desk), and a second chair, should I ever have a guest.

The one issue is that the doorway is a bit narrow, so while my desk can fit inside I cannot get it into the space as-is. It’s one of those that come apart, so I should be able to maneuver it but that so far is the limitation I’ve seen.

I’m also going to set it up to be more Webcam friendly; I recently had my first Director session in my own studio, using Skype, and I realized how odd the view and lighting was for him. I take lots of online coaching sessions and an occasional group work meeting, so I’m going to set up the space to be more pleasing to the eye; like a Vlogger might have. I certainly have the room for a few extra features and I think that would upgrade my professional appeal that much more.

I will be sure to take Before-and-After pictures of the space and follow-up again once things have been situated. I need to do this sooner rather than later but I still have a few pesky corners of the rental house that have random items that need packing, so priority #1 needs to be getting completely out of that house. High priority #2 will be setting up my studio so that it is usable for auditions and work (as they always come unannounced) and then I will upgrade my situation.

Thank you for bearing with me for yet another “filler blog” but I think this adds color to the rigidness it used to be. I’m still fighting with how the tone should be; a part of me wants to be completely myself and blunt but the other is acutely aware how public this blog has the potential to be; I invite potential clients to read it blankly on my website, so a bit of poise and self-censorship is appropriate.

And with that, I shall return to my peaceful Sunday Morning.

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