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Sweet & Sour

That’s the description of the my latest Character role, Bubbleisha – Shopkins’ new doll brand, Shoppies!

Bubbleisha is my first character that I’ve been cast for on a professional level. This is not to say I don’t adore Alice, Alianor and all the others I’ve previously done. But this is my first foray into the “mainstream media” if you will.

Watch the 15 second Commercial and tell me what you think!

I was cast back in late August or early September and did the final recording early October. Imagine my surprise when I went food shopping Halloween-Eve and found a familiar face smiling back at me from the toy section!

Bubbleisha Doll

You don’t have to imagine – my sister was able to snap a photo of it!

As it turns out, the dolls were released October 15th but kept selling out; I was just lucky that day!

There might be an opportunity or two for me to reprise my role in a larger capacity than a commercial but as nothing is confirmed, mum’s the word!

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