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Stable II Update

So, one of the projects that I’ve been working on for a while has finally posted something that I can share! Granted, I am not featured in said posting (yet) but they have showcased the lipsyncing using me as Velvet Remedy. They showed this in a panel at two conventions (one in Canada and one in Finland) and – I’ve been told – the reception was positive. Some responses were “you have just made a lot of people’s dreams come true” and “Is that Eile Monty!?” (a voice actress famous in the Brony scene). Earlier in the production process, the directors heard my audition and initial voice and literally said “this is sex.” So, I am very excited to hear my voice attached to Velvet’s body. (I know what she looks like and I know what I sound like but I’ve not seen them combined). 

Unfortunately as I’ve said, I do not have any of my work to show – although I do want to make a montage of some of the more entertaining lines & bloopers.   

However, I am very proud to present two youtube videos:

(1) Brittany Church as the singing voice of Velvet Remedy. I was cast before her and I recall the Casting Directors discussing getting someone who could sound like me; the ever-present child in me finds this humorous, as I’d like to think this is what I would sound like if I can sing*. 

*Though, not to put me down – I can carry a tune and I used to sing in a competitive choir in High school. However, I have never felt confident in my singing ability and would prefer not to be a soloist. And seeing as how Velvet Remedy’s singing is pretty important to the character, I didn’t even want to entertain the idea that I would be the one with that responsibility. Brittany is a beautifully and professionally trained singer and I’m honored and proud to share Velvet Remedy with her! 

(2) This video is for the gameplay side of things – the first rendering of the animation. It’s very impressive when you note that everyone working on this is a volunteer and they decided to build their own gaming engine (rather than base it off of an existing game, which was the original concept). Some of the participants are professionals but most are fans and aspiring artists, like yours truly. It’s wonderful to see a group of such talented people come together in the name of fandom!

To see more of this project, visit the Overmare Studios Youtube channel:

or the Overmare Studios website:

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