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Spring Cleaning

March certainly was busy and while April is a bit more tame, I have events I am constantly preparing for; once again, all very good things that make for a happy life but could be considered ‘distractions’ from the pursuit of my goal. 

However, I made a lot of preparation- progress last month and I am pleased to say that I have not only found a solution to my audition dilemma, but with any luck, I have also found a way to correct the interference I’ve been having, which another voice actor called “reflection”. 

First, I have found subforums on Reddit which list audition opportunities ( and ) as well as online communities that post both original and fan-based projects ( and ) I was also led to a Freelance job site called, where you can search and audition for voice over roles. Most of these are non-paying but at this point in time, I’m more focused on getting the experience and building my resume. 

So the final step, before I can no longer procrastinate, will be to build my own “Portabooth” ( which essentially, helps with the acoustics no matter what room you’re in (Information found thanks to Jordan Reynolds: ) – this should help with the ‘white noise’ I’ve been experiencing without the need to build an entire box around myself. I hope to build this ASAP (I meant to order the folding cube I found on Amazon but I’m sure I can find one at Wal*Mart/Target) which should be the final touch I need to create professional auditions =) 

I am much more determined to “force my way” or rather, show my existence to the world than I have previously been and I have to thank my current job for the confidence boost. Although it is far from what I would call enjoyable, my job has forced me to overcome my anxiety to complete the task at hand and the desire to, quite frankly, move on from said job, has helped me realize that nothing comes without hard work. 

My goal for this month and the next few months, is to feel more comfortable to regularly record and audition – I need to audition multiple times a week, if not daily, and I also need to make myself more available on other media sites, like Tumblr and Twitter. 

Spring cleaning is not just about organizing the material items in your house but prioritizing the items in your life; in other words, it’s another chance at a “new year’s resolution”. My NYR has been so successful thus far that I feel additional improvement is within reach!

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