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September has come and Gone!

Oh my – I haven’t written anything in a month and a half! Well, that might be due to the fact that I’ve felt very stationary. Things are building, certainly, but it takes more time than I would like.

My birthday was the 2nd – I am now 29. I always saw myself established in life when in fact, I’ve only recently found my calling. However, they say life is a journey and it certainly doesn’t end at age 30, something I believed when I was in elementary school – you grew up, got married, had kids & that was it. For the rest of your life. That sounds depressing but I thought it was more like you’ve “Completed the game” and all the years after was a collected “happily ever after”.

I also spent some time focused on my hobby – cosplay – and attended Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Beyond that, it’s mostly been preparation. I’ve had one lesson with David Rosenthal, of Global Voice Acting Academy.  My next session is next Thursday. We’re focusing on Character voices, as I will be having a new Character Animation demo produced, so I can finally focus on animation and video games. After speaking with Cristina Milizia, I’ve decided to wait until February, so I can take a separate, 4 week long, closed-group lesson in January, to really perfect my voices. I have a very impatient side that is loathing the idea of ‘wasting’ any more time but the sensible side has won out. This is my career; I don’t want to rush things and mess it up!

It’s a complicated thing but I’ve decided to go ahead and market myself in the narration and commercial side of voice over, to keep myself feeling like I am a part of the industry. I’m currently trying to update my website and really strengthen my branding, so I can feel confident in taking that step into actually selling my product, not just passively auditioning.

I’m happy to announce that the commercial for a new toy has been completed; for legal reasons I’m keeping my silence but seeing as how the doll is to be released “this fall”, I hope to be able to share the commercial within the next month or so. I’m blessed to have been given this opportunity and I look forward to possibly working with them in the future.

And that small update pretty much brings you up to speed! I’ve had a personal item  that I don’t yet wish to post about publicly taking up a lot of my time and causing me stress but I hope to have that out of the way soon as well.

I am planning on posting some of my character development as I think it would be extremely informative and relevant to the blog’s theme of my voice over journey.

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