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Resolution to find Resolve

Ahh yes, another multi-month hiatus of Blog posting from me; haven’t you come to expect it? In truth, even as a child I could not keep a diary. Something about the ‘Daily Update’ seemed so dry. What could really happen in a day?

Yet, every year the general populous hinges on that very idea – what change can we make going forward, starting January 1st. Our Resolution.

Many cheekily joke that they don’t participate in such nonsense and while I agree that it can be overdone or disingenuous in nature, I do feel that the introspection is indefinitely beneficial. To review your life at a year’s glance, acknowledging the positives and learning from the negatives by taking “vows” we make to ourselves to change going forward.

To me, everyone needs a “reset button” or a “save file” – the analogy doesn’t fit exactly but stay with me. Have you ever started a sentence that sounded like “Well, once X pans out” or “As soon as I X”. For example: “Once I graduate college, I’ll be able to take an Entry Level position at the company I want to work for.” Or “As soon as we move into our new house, I’m going to start hosting Holiday parties.” These are steps in our lives where a life change hinges upon a new perspective; you can’t work a full-time job and go to school full-time, your schedule alone wouldn’t allow for it (which is why I had two part-time jobs, so the hours would be more flexible, but I digress).

Where are these “New Perspective” changes in our individual lives? Marriage, job promotion, the birth of a child – they’re there, certainly. But on a more frequent basis? One that’s on a more personal, internal level that can be monitored for actual growth and self-betterment?

I think this is why New Year’s is such a big deal to the majority of people. It’s a ‘milestone’ or ‘deadline’ that is acknowledged by all.

For me, I enjoy the tradition of writing down all of my fears and regrets from the previous year on a piece of paper and then burning it. Sounds dramatic but it’s a visual representation of changing your mental perspective. I don’t make the promise of ‘going to the gym’ as is standard (although I do include it as a bonus!). Instead, I try to better myself in some way. Mine this year are:

  1. I will attend at least one Networking or Educational event a month, be it an online Webinar or an In-Person Meet & Greet.

  2. I will be more active on my Social Media Accounts; engaging more with my fellow talent and pushing my Marketing Campaign.

  3. I will be more assertive and bold in my branding. I will seek out more opportunities for Creative growth.

I have already taken steps with each of these and I hope to stay strong in my resolve.

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