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ReCap Thus Far!

I apologize; I’ve never been good at journal writing!

To sum up the year so far:

– I’ve recorded 2 voices for the Star Trek online game

– I have been accepted into Phantom City Studios Roster; their clients include Universal, Columbia Productions, Sony and Sony BMG, etc).

– Giovatto Advertising has added me to their Roster.

– I recorded a fairy tale for an iTunes Audio Book.

– I recorded 3 commercials for a local Lexus Dealership in New Jersey (through Giovatto Advertising).

I have an audition this Saturday for a mini web-series. I’m preparing myself that I won’t get it – my short stature and chubby build is a difficult casting choice for recorded live-action projects. But I’m still excited to try for the experience.

I’m also debating but have decided I will try again to start my own Podcast/Youtube series. I was delaying due to the commitment that it would be but I find myself getting a bit moody when I go a few days without entering the studio, so having something to continually work on should keep me motivated during the lull in available auditions.

Unfortunately, nothing too “exciting” to share as far as listening or viewing but I feel like I’m making progress in my career. Considering I didn’t start auditioning until January (2015), I think it’s been a productive year looking back. I’m just of the generation of large explosives and immediate gratification, so it’s tough to stop and celebrate the little victories when I see how much more road I have left to go on this journey.

As always, I’m busy but blessed!

I do have something a little related – I am helping a friend start a “Community Hub Arcade” and so I was interviewed to help with the advertising of the Kickstarter and fundraising efforts. If you have a moment (or 25 minutes), take a look! (Note: I’m on the Right and my sister is on the Left)

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