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I feel incredibly horrible for not posting in September but I do have some semi-exciting news to share that should hopefully make up for it.

After much consideration, deliberation and contemplation, my roommate and sister (who also happens to be my biggest supporter) has given me the go-ahead to do what is necessary to break into voice acting: Get a part-time Day job. For years, I’ve prioritized finances over passion and the past few months were proof that it is literally killing me. I feel like my burning zeal is setting me on fire from the inside out – as if I lit my “Katy Perry” firework a little too early & it went off inside me.

So, as the countdown begins I’ve been practicing and honing my skills, to prepare myself for any auditions and opportunities that come my way. And what I’ve decided to do has actually been to start a little “webseries”.

There’s not really a great outlet for me to share my audio pieces with people, so I’ve decided to make Youtube videos using my audio and accompanying pictures to flesh out said video. Right now I only have two in the series (one of which was made for another reason but I decided to add it in anyway).


I want to read all the stories in the Shirley Temple’s book I have and I also think I’ll read Aesop’s Fables. After that (or during, to spice things up), I’d love to read some Mythology pieces.

The biggest obstacle for this has been the program to make the videos. My laptop doesn’t have the capability to use my audio but my desktop is so old it can’t do more than one task at a time & often crashes. So, I have a lot of transferring taking place just to create & then share the videos. But they’re an absolute blast to record, so I’ll fight through it.

The final step is taking one last look at my Acting Resume before submitting to my first audition (which I hope to do Monday). I hope to have some exciting news to share with you but I am staying level headed and am well aware that these things take time.

Thank you for continuing to follow my story. I hope to end this chapter and start a new one, full of struggle and determination, but most of all joy!

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