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Pogo Stick Bounds

My last update was in October 2016 and it is now freshly February 2017. To say I’ve been busy would be a grievous understatement but in fact is only emotionally true; actionable-events have occurred but they are more build-up than anything else.

To summarize, I have taken the growth opportunity at my current “day job”. Doing so brought about more drama and office politics than I believe necessary for this blog but I will say that I’ve learned a lot about how people perceive me and how they can use their own perception to attempt to sabotage. Luckily, I prevailed and now I can take delight in what truths will be revealed.

Vague? Yes. But to say anymore would be unprofessional.

On a personal note, my beloved dog Fiori passed away January 20th, 2017 after 12 years of companionship; he turned 17 years old that same month. There is so much I could say on this and I do not want my lack of embellishment to reflect an incorrect “blasé” feeling. I loved Fiori very deeply and he was instrumental to so many accomplishments in my life. Yes, a dog but so much more. He provided me with comfort, gave me strength, nurtured my hope and dreams… in losing him, I lost a part of my heart. I cared for him up until the last moment as I did see the end coming; he was surrounded by loved ones in his own home and went peacefully in his sleep.

Those two “items” were extremely detrimental to my motivation, as one can imagine. I am recovering as best as I can and I do see a brighter future moving forward.

With that said, the end of January was very productive indeed. I went to a Marketing seminar specifically for VO talent featuring Marc Scott, where I also met Bob Carter who will be mentoring me in Video Game auditions and advising me on local-Atlanta production companies and how to meet bi-local requirements, for those succulent LA-based opportunities.

I also went to the Atlanta Film Festival volunteer mixer which gave me experience in the ole ‘schmooze’ technique. I have been looking at my schedule to see if I can dedicate time to volunteer.

I am starting to put some marketing ideas in motion, although they are not quite in play yet.

And finally, I will be going to another entertainment industry mixer this coming Monday. I’ve found that networking is always mutually-beneficial and opportunities can literally come from anywhere.

Throughout my blog-hiatus, I continued to voice for mobile app games and I am now happily the voice of four Shopkins Shoppies dolls: Bubbleisha, Spaghetti Sue, Melodine, and Candy Sweet. I absolutely adore these girls and it has been nothing but a joy working on the webseries!

I have also purchased a new work laptop as well as a new audio editing software, Sound Forge, which I have been playing around with; I see a mic upgrade sometime this year as well.

Great things are on the horizon; the test now is endurance.

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