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One Month In!

So, you’ve decided to indulge me and are now watching my journey… but have nothing to watch because I seemingly never update! Well, it’s been a solid month, so some form of “Blog” is expected, I’m sure.

My vocal lessons are going very well. I took a full month off accidentally but it really ended up helping. My session was pushed back for various reasons out of my control but the final push (to make it a full month) was my own decision. I just wasn’t connecting with the copy & it was no longer a fun challenge. I was busy with other endeavors and I simply wasn’t focused; so I postponed it a week.

And in that week, I sat down with my sister (my main supporter) and vented my feelings; she helped me realize that what I’m doing now is more for the experience than actually “landing a role”. And just because I can’t do a GOOD Brooklyn accent (for example) doesn’t mean I would audition for the character anyway; at the same time, the directors might actually want a BAD Brooklyn accent (this has happened to successful voice actors in the past); they can get the authentic voice for the authentic feel if that’s what they want or they can use a fake accent for a completely different vibe. So, I started realizing that I can only give my best and if it’s not good enough, so what? I realized I was holding on to my inhibitions – I didn’t want to sound silly – and that was what was discouraging me. So, I forced myself out of my shell (by performing the voices in front of my sister) and it all started coming together.

I went in to see Eileen (my vocal coach) & nailed my session. I’m now almost finished with this section (character voice over) – I want to redo a few voices for the demo and I have a few other pieces to perform but then… I think I’m done! Narration is the final phase and it’s optional, so I may just ask to have help setting up on the Voice 1,2,3 website and I’ll work on the Narration separately. But by that point, I will be auditioning for real, paying roles! And as soon as I get one, I will be considered a Professional Voice Actor! *Eeek* How Exciting!

For now, I will be working on transforming my Commercial Demo Reel into a youtube video, as the way it is now is difficult to share openly. I have been meaning to do this for some time and will hope to have this up within the week or so.

Until then, I wanted to share some non-professional (I suppose they can be called “Independent”) projects I am working on.

The first is something My Little Pony fans will enjoy – it is the adaptation of the famous fanfiction “FallOut: Equestria” into a playable video game, now called “Stable II”. I cannot talk too much about this project but I can say that I have officially been cast as Velvet Remedy (one of the mane four characters; get it? “Mane?”); she is a Unicorn who heals others (rather than fighting) and her special talent is singing (her cutie mark is a nightingale). I am not a soloist and so it is my immense pleasure to be handing over all of Velvet’s singing to a wonderfully ( & classically trained) woman. Due to “spoilers” they do not want to release her name at this time, but I have heard her sing “Mane Squeeze” and it is lovely! For more information about this project, visit:

Next is an Independent project called “Tearnin” from one of the Directors of Stable II, Andrew Jaworski ( ) and his partner-in-crime, Ryan McCarty ( ) creating their production company ‘Pros for Cons’. I can divulge even less of this project but I can say that I have been cast as Mouse (an adorable secondary character) and share a link to the “proof of concept” youtube video (of which I am NOT a part):

The third and perhaps least “impressive” is the Youtube Series “Gargoyles: The Abridged Series” by Hans ( elementalheroshadowX ). I have taken over the role of Demona since Episode 7, so if you watch the series from the beginning, that is NOT me! While this series is very much “fan-made” it is a pleasure to work on, since I am in charge of directing myself (I am given written pointers but it is unlike the other two projects I work on, where I actually go into a studio with the Director to record). The latest Episode is very Demona-heavy (I also play the princess at the beginning) and I particularly like my evil laugh at the end!

These projects are a great boost in confidence and keep me going; I want to be a voice actress because it is my passion. To bring a character to life simply with the use of my voice is a pleasure I could never describe but it is so fulfilling  – even the silliest of projects – that it only solidifies my desire to reach my dream. I want “paying gigs” not for the money but for the acknowledgment that I have what it takes; that I am right. That my dream is valid.

I wish I had more to share but the other projects are currently in production, so I do not have access to my recordings. I do hope to continue to do projects, both independent and professional, and will be sure to share them when I can!

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