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New Logo & Branding!

So pleased to show off my new logo, in anticipation for the Website Revamp in which I am currently in the middle!

“Cari Favole: Voice of Fairy Tales” fits how I wish to share my brand on a few different levels.

First, my last name “Favole” is Italian for “Fairy tales”, so quite literally, my product is “Favole’s voice”.

Secondly, I was always advised to have my logo quickly express who I am and what I do. Previously, I had a very bland, cookie-cutter sort of logo that I removed after determining it just didn’t “jive”. Instead of a resume-within-an-image stating how “creative” and “inspired” I am – why not SHOW it? The button-down, straight-laced logo does indeed work for certain people, I’m not trying to offend anyone! But while I am happy to record a commercial or E-training narrative, my passion will always lie in acting. It’s my unique, child-like, friendly voice that garners the most attention. I feel my logo should incorporate that.

And finally, I once had a short “series” exclusive on Soundcloud called “Reading with Cari” in which I would read short stories and fairy tales. I am currently in pre-production on reviving this series on YouTube which I’m very excited about!

On a personal note, I am currently preparing to buy a home and so I will yet again be pre-occupied but I hope to find some semblance of balance to continue forth!

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