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New Leaf, New Chapter

Fall has always been my favorite season. Something about the crispness in the air and the changing of the leaves calms me; it’s a living metaphor for the saying “this too shall pass”. A sobering and comforting mantra that I’ve recited to myself time and again, both to strengthen my resolve through struggles as well as to harness myself in the moment of great joy.

Life’s journey is made up of transitions and chapters in one’s life, and with winter comes another phase in mine – returning to full-time employment. This decision came about by months of deliberation and waste bins full of charts and “Pro/Con” lists. My plan had been to wait until after the holidays to pursue other employment however I was approached by a few of my former coworkers who told me about a position in the parent company of my former employer. The interview went seamlessly: the position not only sounded enjoyable and challenging but would also provide benefits and a salary that would ease a lot of stress. In a sign of excellent timing, within two hours of alerting my current employer about my upcoming resignation, my replacement had been found – a regular who was looking for a part-time job.

The entire situation went so smoothly that it eased my mind that this was the right decision; much like leaving my full-time position for this part-time job had been. It’s funny because it almost feels like a game of tug-of-war where I’m the rope. I went from job A to job B back to job A and now I’ve moved to job C which is connected to job B; my resume looks very odd to say the least!

This has been bittersweet for me; there was a reason I returned, after all. Connecticut School of Broadcasting is not just a job, it’s a family, and leaving them was reminiscent of leaving my parents to go off to college; it’s a bit daunting but I see the path before me.

Every step is a necessary milestone; success is not a straight line. While I know there will be future struggles, I have a plan in place and motivation to see my dreams come true.


As a final thought, I wish to share some advice that my current employer gave me after I resigned:

“ [Y]ou have to do what’s best for you… but one thing I want you to keep in mind as you go forward in life [is that] money comes and goes. It definitely cannot guarantee happiness….  There’s nothing greater in life than doing something you enjoy! You’re always welcomed here and we wish you nothing but the best!”

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