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New Chapters

Once again, I’ve seemed to hold my tongue unless I had actual  news to share. But that’s not a true depiction of how this journey has been proceeding. In all honesty, I spent the past few months struggling to make anything resemble progress and I’m not sure I succeeded.

In November of 2014, I quit my full-time job and took a part-time job. However, my full-time job requested that I stay on “as-needed”, so I ended up having two office day jobs. I had also been planning out my freelance voice over business and assisting my friend with the opening of his brick-and-mortar business.

By early 2015, I was in effect working 4 jobs; all four were paying but all required time and dedication. It was all I could do to balance my work ethic between them and fighting my passion was a losing battle – I did not devote the time I had intended to my voice over career. But luck had favored me and I earned a re-occurring commercial gig that kept my hopes afloat.

In June, I had the epiphany that I previously wrote about – it is not selfish to go after one’s dream. But even with this new-found acceptance, I didn’t know what to do with it.

Both of my office jobs went through bouts where they required me to work more hours. My 30hrs/wk became 40hrs/wk and the moment that cleared up, as if on cue, my 2hr/wk + email correspondence became 10+hrs/wk. I never fully recovered from the lack of personal time, as I then took on a very large E-Training Presentation project.

This project was great for my voice over career but it soon became a nightmare. What was estimated as a 30hr, 2-week job (6/8 – 6/21) became about an 80/hr, 2 month job (Almost exactly: 6/8 – 8/4). In fact, the project may not even be complete still as there may be additional edits done to it once it is reviewed in September. Luckily, I am officially done with it for now and will only be called upon should I be needed in the future.

Needless to say, while a portion of my procrastination could most certainly be attributed to laziness, I legitimately have been busy! Every minute of every day was planned, for months, and even the time I took for myself was calculated and made up for at a later date. I was working two, sometimes three, jobs simultaneously just to fit it all in!

And still I was not happy; financially I am on a short leash, I do not have the “standard career” with which to take pride in…. I was putting in all this time and effort and not seeing anything in the end. So, I decided things needed to change.

My friend and I amicably let me go from his start-up business. Although the hours were minimal, keeping up with two social media accounts (his and my own) was exhausting.

I put in my official notice at my Full-time turned as-needed job; my last day is this Friday (8/7).

The Presentation project finally came to an end (8/4). I learned a lot from this project, the most important part being that should the factors within an agreement change, the entire agreement must also change. We agreed upon a one-time fee that I was alright with receiving once the project was done (thinking it would be two weeks). Now, because I had a pre-existing relationship with this client, I didn’t pressure them into paying because the presentations were not even written by the end of two weeks. And, due to the extensive amount of overtime, the client suggested an increase in payment. (I felt that since I agreed to the sum, I was SOL, so I am appreciative of this). But obviously, the mere act of submitting the invoice felt like closure.

I am finally finding I don’t have to plan every minute of the day any longer but I am a bit broken after having lived that way for months-on-end. There is no relaxing for me, since the work is never done. But the difference now is that it is MY work that I am doing.

I have started a podcast and a webseries to keep myself creatively open and relevant. I’m not sure how long these will go on, as I may find I need to dedicate my time towards something else instead, but for now I’m excited.

I was recently cast as two main characters (Alice and Alianor) in another webseries, K’joor’s Adventures.  This is a major milestone because, although moderate, I am receiving compensation. Which means I am now a professional voice actress.

This journey has had major turmoil and obstacles to overcome and I’m not out of the woods yet. But I finally feel closure to my past – the part of me that tried desperately to “fit in” with society. I am not a salesman or a data analyst – I am an actress.

But I am still a receptionist from 9am – 3pm; even actors gotta eat!

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