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The more I research into becoming a successful voice actress, the more I am aware just how important marketing, PR and Social medias really are. Therefore, I am re-branding myself and ensuring that I am more accessible.

First: I will not be going by “Voce Del Favole” – a tip I’ve heard a few times was to keep it simple. I’m known by my “stage name” Psypris a few places and that is enough confusion for everyone.

So, here is my Logo for branding purposes, such as business cards:

Cari Favole Oval Logo

Secondly, here are all of my relevant Social Media sites:

– My Official Facebook page is:

– My Soundcloud, where you can listen to my audio series:

– My Twitter account:

– My Instagram account:

– My Official Tumblr Account:

– My Youtube Channel:

If you have a moment, please like/follow me!

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