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If there is No Struggle, there is No Progress.

I have only myself to blame, but this month comes with no major update. I was crippling myself with fear of failure; it’s so much easier to say I never tried than I tried but failed. However, I have FINALLY gotten my act together and have started auditioning once again.

A difficult decision had to be made regarding a business transaction. I decided that it was important that I stand up for myself and not take a deal that was undermining my value as an artist and my worth as a professional. A project that was worth $3,000 was offered to me without a budget being mentioned. I explained my calculations and gave a discount of $1,000 for the project. He declined and would not offer a rebuttal; I later saw the project listed for $200 – 300. I don’t want to go into full detail of said project, but I believe the monetary example I provided shows just how much time and effort he was expecting for a little payoff. Being new to the industry on a professional level, I found it very hard to reject any work but I ultimately do not regret my decision.

And now for a bit of fun news: I put together a sample of my lines for the Klingon Warrior Captain and it’s gotten a great response from the fanbase, which pleases me greatly! If you have a moment, take a listen =)

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