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Home Studio Update!

Home Studio Update!

Monthly update time! While my journey still continues to show progress, I don’t have much in ways of “updates”. However, I am pleased with the almost-progress and I wanted to take a moment to address the changes 2014 has brought.

First, I have been at my new job for a solid month (23rd) – I still have moments that are overwhelming, as I feel I am both babied and “thrown into the deep end” in regards to my training. However, I’ve found that it is a personal-growth experience in that I am forced to overcome my insecurities and anxieties in order to do an efficient job and I feel that I can carry that strength over into other aspects of my life.

Along with the job, I’ve been hanging out with my coworkers; it’s a struggle to balance being social with staying true to who I am but I am continuing to keep to my oath of honesty (to myself and others) and I feel like I am close to reaching a happy medium.

Now to the relevant updates: I have given my payment for my Character Demo, which is currently being edited. I should receive that within a week or two.

I’ve purchased and received the microphone for my home studio. It is the Audio-Technica AT2020USB, which was recommended by my coach who, along with a few colleagues, testing many microphones and found that this one is the best at drowning out background noise while being affordable and convenient to use. I purchased it from which I HIGHLY recommend. The customer services goes above and beyond, the shipping was free & fast (I received it in 2 days; again – for FREE). They tracked my package and emailed me when they were told it was delivered, just in case I didn’t get it. I have a 2 year warranty and they are always available for any questions or issues I may have.

So, this leaves a final (for now) meeting with my coach to set me up with my voice-recording software and on Voice,1,2,3. With my new job schedule, I am limited to a Saturday meeting, so it will either be Feb 1st or 8th that I do this. This is about 2-3 weeks past my goal time frame but I’m not disappointed because I am doing this at a pace that I am comfortable with financially.

The next step will be to warm-up with “just for fun” practice (via youtube uploaded projects) and a few more Indie/fanmade projects. Once I feel confident in the skills that I’ve learned, I will then start my audition process – my goal for paid-auditions will be Mid-March (keeping in mind the few conventions I have planned & the craziness that goes with that!).

This post is a bit more casual than “documentary” but that’s the due to the nature of the post; not too much going on except thoughts in my mind.

I hope to upload my Character Demo within a few weeks! I’m super excited =D

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