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Guess Who’s Back?

Guess Who’s Back?

Well, in actuality, I never really left. But I have admittedly been absent.

It’s not that I didn’t want to write. In fact, I often thought about this blog and longed to voice my opinions no one asked for into the endless void that is the internet. But I stopped myself.

Partially worried no one would care what I had to say, a bit of me feared that potential clients might see my blog and judge me, not on my skills and talent but on the truth I might share about my journey.

The larger part of me felt censored. The ideas and topics I want to talk about can’t be discussed, for potentially legal purposes. Just how far do those NDAs reach? I’m not too keen to find out.

To recap – for the last year and a half I worked for a small start-up production company that produced children’s entertainment on YouTube. I know I have mentioned the name before, I think I’m well within my right to state what employers I have had, but I will not name them here. Ultimately, it was not the career launcher I had hoped it to be. The CEO and I had “Creative Differences” and I decided to stand my ground and quit rather than sell my “Artistic Dignity” for that sweet, sweet salary. Do I regret it? No. Do I wish things had gone differently? Most Definitely. This job was the first to show me that I am exactly who I want to be: I am a Content Creator, a Storyteller, an Artist. Acting is my canvas, my voice the paint brush. Therefore, I cannot help but feel grateful towards the job. Perhaps my employer weighed quantity over quality. The focus was on the ‘tags’ and ‘keywords’ rather than plot and character development. But for a few solid months, I was free to express myself within certain parameters. I created a world and I felt a glimpse of what it was like to share that with others. And they loved it! Even still, they leave comments discussing the story I created and wonder when it will come back. It’s painful to know it will never return but I am thankful that it happened.

Click Here to See a Teaser of What I Did

I also got paid to make Slime and Unbox Toys but we won’t get into that….

I quit at the tail end of September 2018.

I was hired at my new job October and started November 2018.

For a month, I was employed but not working. It’s such an odd thing to experience; to not have the need to seek employment but have free time on your hands. I found myself creating a lot although not as much as I’d hoped I would; I got a bit tied up in my gaming YouTube Channel ( Insert Shameless Plug Here ) that actually took most of my day, as well as domestic chores and such. There was this looming sense that I had only this month to create until my heart’s content and that had the adverse affect – as it usually does – and caused me to freeze. I have so many ideas but so little time; where do I even start? That must be, to a much lesser degree, what one feels who has just been given a life expectancy on a terminal illness. I hope they finally decide on something and don’t do what I did – virtually nothing.

I started my job. On paper, it was the perfect blend. Full-Time Office job with stable income yet creative enough to satisfy. I was a Project Manager for a Video Production Company. Once again, the company’s name is not a secret but I will not be providing it here; that’s not the point of this post.

The CEO is a very inspirational man. His company was also a start-up but his fierce passion to be the very best led the company to great success. Every time he spoke, I was motivated to “Be More”. Unfortunately, it was quite bitter sweet. I was motivated – to pursue my own dream. Which is not to be a Project Manager. The creativity was not as expressive as I had hoped and certain details were either not gone over or misstated during the interview process. I did find more joy there than previous office jobs but I was not satisfied.

The holidays came and my family almost had a sort of intervention for me. I realized I am in the perfect position to pursue my dream fully this time and see what I make of it.

I quit. I gave a full month’s notice and I left on wonderful terms; January 31st, 2019 was my last full working day (although I did pop in that Friday to do last minute phasing out). The CEO supports my decision and I hope to do work with them in the future – they are a production company, after all!

So now, my dear readers, you are caught up. Monday, February 4th, 2019 I officially went to work – as a Voice Over Artist. Mostly, I’ve been busy with getting my tools all in order (Marketing & Branding, Contracts, Invoices, Email Templates, Scheduling etc) as well as refreshing my knowledge and re-honing my skills. This time using Gravy For The Brain which I highly recommend! I have a few tasks I really need to complete before I wholeheartedly push forward with Networking and Direct Contacting but ‘Rome wasn’t built in a Day’ and I know it’s better to have a firm foundation that rush into things.

The Wait is Over.

I’m fighting for my Dream.

And I have so much to share!

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