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Gimme The Deets

“Okay, but what really happened?”

The last you heard from me was a post dated “July 16th” explaining my new branding. Suddenly, I return for the new year with much of the same “Positive Attitude” verbiage my entire blog is full of and that’s it?

Well, the long and short of it is… Yes.

A part of moving forward comes from acceptance and the understanding that ‘what’s done is done’. I’ve wasted time. A lot of it. There’s not anything I can do about that but accept that I cannot get that time back and try to understand why I wasted it to begin with. Dwelling on the months of inactivity aren’t going to do much but give me a reason to wallow in self-pity.

Ahh, the ‘dramatic actress’ has emerged. I hope my playful tone reads through; I simply love colorful words. I think that’s one of the reasons I am drawn to voice over work. Someone took time to phrase every sentence a particular way and every syllable has the potential to be emphasized ‘just so’, to change the inflection or meaning of that sentence, and every word within.

But I digress. As I usually do.

I was making progress or at least trying to. I’d re-branded myself, I was starting a “bedtime story” series, I’d joined a Game Developer’s group in the hopes of networking….

And then? Technical difficulties. Death in the family. Life, basically.

I used to edit videos a lot but recently (with a new computer to boot!) I’ve been having difficulty getting an editing software to work. And not in the “this transition isn’t working b/c ‘user error'” sort of way but, the programs I try just simply freeze and become unresponsive. It’s a continual struggle that I’m currently working on but in all honesty, it is one of the culprits to why my new series never saw the light of day.

That and upon further research I determined it would be safer for me to read Public Domain stories only, so as to save myself from any future turmoil. So, while I was piling up the stories waiting for my editor to work, those stories became unusable. Yay….

I even set up this adorable display area where I could record an interactive video; the viewer would see my hands pointing at where I was in the story and the pictures would be zoomed in on and explored as I described what was happening. But the camera would not focus on the words fast enough to really keep up with the story in a decent way, and despite buying lighting, there was still work to be done. I was unsatisfied by the final product, to be frank. However, I legally cannot do my other concept, as I am currently working with an NDA that prohibits I do anything relating to that line of work.

I became discouraged and instead focused a bit more on my Day Job.

Both my uncle and grandmother (Maternal side for both) died within a little under 3 months of each other. This was incredibly hard on my mother and as I am close to my family, it was a struggle to see their pain. I too did my own share of grieving; my uncle always supported my creative side and was full of advice and life anecdotes that I would spend time reflecting on long after our talks were over.

I had the honor of co-hosting a panel at Dragon Con 2017 with a group of amazingly talented people. It was so much fun and something I hope to be able to do again in the future; this time perhaps with more experience and regular work under my belt!

Through that panel I met a very passionate and talented person who at this time will not be named, as we are just starting to test an idea out that could potentially be something incredibly exciting (there are a lot of steps to go from where we are currently to get to that point though). However, until we have something we can publicly share, I do not want to do or say anything that might disrupt the trust we have. Intellectual Properties are not something to play around with rumors and such. =)

I also took a Workcation to New York City with the studio I work at full-time. To be able to get along so well with your co-workers is an incredibly rare feat and I am blessed to have met each one of them. I’ve been to NY before but never the City, so it was a lot of fun, in a tourist-sort of way. However, seeing the well-known Window Fronts was truly inspiring for how endless the possibilities are for creativity. We went two weeks before Christmas, so we experienced the absolutely freezing weather and snow; I walked about 7 miles each day which is rather unheard of here in Georgia. At least all the parts I’ve ever lived, you have to drive to where you want to go. Downtown Atlanta is easier to walk than the outskirts however the hills make it quite the hike. That is one thing I was most surprised about – Walking Downtown Atlanta absolutely wears me out in less than an hour but I was able to walk the entire day, multiple days, in New York without much distress at all – I even had to run in heels to watch the Rockettes! I was stopped almost a dozen times (no, I am not exaggerating!) by fellow pedestrians to comment on my gorgeous hair (which I got done at Creative Images by Jessica Tran in Duluth, GA). That is definitely something I could get used to! 😉

I believe I’ve now covered the highlights, although I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention one thing or another.

I’ve already re-vamped my logo; the branding is the same, it just looks a bit more professional. My website was also redone and it still surprises me with the pop of vibrant color that greets you on the home page. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take a look by clicking HERE. 


I have also not given up on my webseries! While it may not be exactly what I was going for visually, I am not going to delay these stories any longer!


“Reading With Cari” can be found on YouTube:

While I have made it a goal to be more active on my Social Media, and I certainly consider this Blog to be a part of that, I do not see the usefulness in posting just for the sake of activity. Therefore, while I do hope to post Weekly, if I do not have any news or topics to discuss, I will not force it for the sake of a post.

That being said, I think I will start to discuss a bit more of what was in the Dragon Con Panel, as there are a lot of FAQs for Voice Over that I think I am qualified to answer, at least from my perspective. I will also review where I left off with my “Retrospective” series, which reviewed my beginnings and what led me to this point in time. So, with all of that, I do hope I will have enough content to create an engaging and interesting dialogue for you in 2018.

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