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First glimpse at Velvet Remedy

Hello, August!

I am so pleased to share with you the first teasers that have been shared with the Public!

First up, is the Overmare Studios panel at Brony Expo 2014 in Canada. Unfortunately, the demo they were planning on sharing had some last minute technical difficulties, so they decided to instead show Chat Mapper, the program they use to work the dialogue into the game. And they used my voice as the example! 

Note that a new voice director was selected after these recordings, so some of these lines are not what will actually be used in the final game, as I was advised to perform them a different way.

This second panel is from Crystal Fair 2014, where over 200 bronies sat in the audience to view the demo! Unfortunately, as stated above, the demo had some issues, but the Finland crew put together what they could, and that is what I am presenting to you now! 

Velvet Remedy is the 3rd pony you see in this clip (the first is the Player’s character, Lil Pip and the second is Lil’ Pip’s mother). 

Overmare Studios hopes to have the actual demo out within a few weeks and I believe they’re trying to release the actual playable demo, which will be available for PC/Mac. 

Finally something to show! So far, the reactions have been positive. I’m very excited to hear more feedback as more of the game gets released.

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