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Finally, the Marathon begins

I know my journey is not a race – it won’t be a sprint to success. The road will be long and winding and I’m sure to stumble on rocks and other obstacles along the way. But today, I crossed the starting line.

I’ve kept quiet for a few reasons but now I can officially update “the internet” of what’s been happening in my life. Shortly after I posted my decision to find a part-time job, my former employer approached me about coming back. I hadn’t even applied to anywhere else but the offer felt like a sign from GOD and so with very little hesitation (and a brief chat with my roommate/sister) I accepted: I will be returning to Connecticut School of Broadcasting, the place where I was finally able to spread my wings of passion for the first time in years, to work part time so I can focus more seriously on my true career of acting.

I submitted my notice the very same day I accepted the offer (this all happened quite suddenly over a flurry of text messages). My employer was very saddened to see me go but I was blown away at his support for me to follow my dreams. The next day he pulled me aside and asked if I would work PRN/Part-time instead of quitting entirely (I had given a month’s notice instead of the standard two-weeks). Working an agreed 8hrs/month would keep me on payroll should I ever need to return but I would have the free-time I require to pursue my passion. I cannot express how touched I was to not only have his support but his ‘protection’; a backup plan that would catch me if I stumbled. This won’t be a long-term agreement. I’m sure they will eventually have enough help to not require my assistance and hopefully I will one day be successful enough not to require the extra bit of income. But for now, it makes taking that step so much easier.

With the explicit support of CSB in following my dreams and the passive support of CP keeping me in their work-family, I am – to say the least – overwhelmingly touched and grateful. I would be lying if I said the past few months were easy for me. I have decided to be open with my depression in the hopes I could inspire or comfort others who are going through a similar experience. I struggled with thoughts of suicide and the constant anxiety attacks literally gave me high blood pressure. I decided I could not fight the darkness on my own and I had to return to medication after several years of successfully being without. But a lot has changed within me in just the last two weeks. I feel as though I set a challenge for myself and succeeded and here is my reward.

This weekend I am putting all my preparations in order for on Monday, it is not only my first day back at CSB but it is my first day as a Freelance Voice Over Artist.

The wait is finally over. The marathon has begun.

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