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Change is Inevitable

“I’m going to write about whatever I want from now on”…. proceeds to stop writing. 

Yes, I know I’ve been quite absent. Honestly, a part of me debates whether I should continue with a blog. I do like writing and I think if I continue, samples might be able to be used in the future for one thing or another. But on the other hand, there is so little time in the day and I am already full of things I want – or need – to do.

I’ve decided I will continue but completely on my own terms. I don’t really have a following, so I see no need to promise that I’ll write once a week or even once a month. But if I so choose to then… so be it.

A lot has happened internally with me that I am not quite ready to share in blog-format but I know I will soon; I think it will round things out nicely. Change is to come. Let’s leave it at that for now.

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