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Bread Crumbs

So, it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve last written an update but I feel that my metaphorical chapter change truly did take place.

During my two week notice, I was cast in a youtube web-series, K’joor’s Adventures, as two main characters, Alice and Alianor. While the pay is modest, it actually is exactly what I had been making at the job I just quit. In other words, it was an even trade, financially speaking. I had been holding on to this part-time job mostly out of some subset of fear. With it, there was still the possibility of having a career in an office setting and having the second (or rather, third) source of income was like a safety blanket. Giving it up was more psychological than anything and I feel my strength was rewarded with the first paid acting gig of my career. I took it as a sign that I am doing what I am meant to do; it just takes time.

August 11th, the Tuesday after my last day, I was cast in an International Online commercial for a new toy in an established product line. She will be debuting in the Fall and if all goes well, they have plans on creating their own web-series and other content. I’ve not yet recorded this role but I’m “bubbling” over with anticipation! (yes, that is a pun but that’s as much information as I’ll give for now!)

I’ve also budgeted for some career counseling from a talented Voice Actress and vocal coach in California. I’m hoping she will give me more insight on how I can improve here in Atlanta before thinking of relocating. I was going to schedule the meeting this week but I recently found out that someone I know has worked with FUNimation, so I am planning on speaking with her on Saturday to find out if she has any advice for me. It will be interesting to learn if she was living in Texas at the time or if she was cast while living in Atlanta.

In short, I feel as though I am following bread crumbs that will eventually lead me to a view of where I’m headed!

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