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As The World Turns

I know, I know – after going on and on about keeping my resolution to write weekly, I skip TWO WEEKS in a row! What’s that about?

Mostly, bad timing. Or lack of time, rather. There was more to do at my formal rental home than I had anticipated, which took all of my free time up until the 31st; that was also Easter weekend and so I was busy with religious obligations as well. I then made a semi-social visit to a friend to assist me with filing my taxes and that brought me into April.

Then, I attended a social convention and was busy Wed – Sun, with Monday and Tuesday being used to prep for the event.

Each week, I thought of my blog and what I would write. There are many things I could discuss but it would take hours to properly prep (How-To Social Media) or recall (Retrospection). So, rather than writing more “Filler”, I opted to just skip.

That brings us to this week, in which so much has happened I’m not sure how I made it through (good and bad).

To start with the “bad”, a friend of mine, Patty Royer,  passed away from her battle with Cancer. When she was first diagnosed about three years ago, it had already reached Stage 4 and the doctor said it was terminal; she’d have 6 months left, if she was lucky. Despite all odds, Patty lived way past that morose deadline and seemed to be making great strides in beating the cancer. Unfortunately (and I don’t know all the details) fluid started building up and within days, she declined severely. She was admitted to hospice care and died within 12hrs. Still, I’ve been told she remained her ever-loving self, giving her visitors a weak yet warm smile. Patty had her loving husband by her side when she passed and she clung to the silver lining of uniting with her parents.

The news was both a shock and unfortunately, something I had been prepared for. She and I were supposed to meet up at the social event I attended and while she was able to make it, she left early due to health; I was not able to see her then. But I hold her friendship in my heart and I will always think of her as the strong warrior that she was; cancer did not beat her.

A lesser “bad” yet still emotionally draining was the confirmation that a long-time friend and I have truly grown apart; we are now amicable acquaintances. Without giving too much of my personal life away (or this person’s identity), we’ve been very close for 12 years, talking almost daily and meeting up at least weekly. One of my best friends who slowly started drifting away the past 6 months or so. I too organically started drifting away; at first it was due to them moving a bit further away but we both just seemed to close off to one another. We were supposed to attend an event together this May and after a polite and amicable text conversation, it finally registered as official that, while there is no hatred or bitterness there, we are no longer friends. Still, I do care for this person and wish them all the best in life. I hope we can still occasionally speak and possibly hang out at larger events, but the days of daily talking and weekend activities are past. Truth be told, I saw this happening for the past few years and we both struggled to keep it from happening. If they were to reach out to me, I would certainly be friendly and engage in conversation but I think that this is just the way life is, sometimes.

‘Things come in threes’ as they say – the third bump in the road this week was receiving a 1099-Misc form from a client whom I legitimately forgot I did work for in the 2017 calendar year. I mistakenly believed I provided voice work for him only in 2016 and upon receiving this form (again, JUST THIS WEEK!) I had a mild heart-attack. I am the opposite of a rebel; even with no one on the road, I would never think of running a red or a stop sign. So, realizing I wasn’t truthful on my Tax return, I started panicking. Luckily, through some struggle and much frustration, I was able to submit an Amended Tax Return and so – fingers crossed – I hope this issue to be behind me. It certainly was not my intent to be dishonest and I hope that by me submitting an amendment before being requested to do so, shows my integrity. I have also learned an incredibly valuable lesson to be vigilant with record-keeping – I will be going old-school “accountant notebook” with all self-employment work from now on.

Ahh, what an eventful week I’ve had! But wait – there’s more!

Remember, I said this week was filled with both good and bad. Now it’s time to move on to the good.

After not having heard from an ongoing client for a few months, I figured they’d moved on from the project and no longer needed my services. I was going to add reaching out to them to my marketing strategy but I was going to give them a few more months before I pinged them. As fate would have it, they reached out to me to do their business sizzle reel for the second year in a row! I am beyond pleased that they were so satisfied with my previous work, that they returned to me. Add to it, my contact changed and so they were provided my name from my previous contact. For them to use me rather than look for their own really means a lot to me. Since I have not yet recorded the sizzle, I am not going to name-names but it does remind me to look for last year’s sizzle to see if I can share that!

The good news continues with a bit of a surprising shock. You may recall that back in January, I had to make the tough decision to decline a role due to it not being able to completely satisfy the client; they had not responded to my letter, so I assumed they had written me off, as is their right. However, they reached out and said that while they were disappointed I did not feel I was right for that role, they had another character they wanted me to voice for them, if I was interested. I gracefully accepted and am now waiting for the paperwork and script to come my way.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be given a “second chance” and to have confirmation that they do not consider me unprofessional. I still hold true to my decision that I struggled too much during the demo process to provide the tone they wanted, that the actual script would have been a tedious and frustrating process for both parties. What comes naturally to one person is a struggle for another and I think mentally I couldn’t process providing an English Accent with American pronunciation (on certain words only). I am very interested to hear how the new actress works the character, as I hope to learn from mimicking her in practice!

As I sit by the window, coffee on the table and my pup in my lap, I can’t help but feel a mild bliss from the simple comforts. I survived; I made it through negotiations and calculations and emotional strain and all that’s left is to continue forward and start it all again next week.

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