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As the Prologue closes, Chapter One begins!

I am ecstatic to announce that I have received my first paying job as a voice actress! I narrated the fairy tale “Thumbelina” for a read-along Audio Book for children, which will be available on iTunes. The client was so satisfied that we are now in negotiations to be partners for his entire series (10 more stories).

Speaking with my vocal coach, I finally realized that the training is over; I am ready. There will always be room for improvement but after years of endless waiting, I can finally pursue my dream.

Due to financial reasons, I had hesitated joining a “pay to play” site such as Voice123 but after swimming in the Indie-pool, I realized that all I will catch are free-projects and loose-change gigs. I am not saying I will never do those jobs – money has never been my goal – but in order to advance in the field, I need to aim higher.

I have been asked if I am going to start charging those whom I do continual free things for, which surprised me a bit. I was flattered that they are taking me seriously but I am true to my word; we had an agreement and I will stick to it. I am not going to ‘pull out’ of fan-projects just because I am no longer a hobbyist. I initially joined these projects because I was excited about them; that enthusiasm is the heart behind my passion and the moment I lose that, I lose myself.

I am also happy to announce that I have been cast as a Klingon Warrior in an online Star Trek game, which is quite different from anything I’ve done so far. It will be a few months before the game is updated with my character but I will be sure to offer some soundbites to the SoundCloud.

The New Year brings with it new opportunities and I am excited to see where they will lead me!

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