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An Update for the Holidays

As to be expected with Life’s Journey, I came across a rock along my path: my employer decided to cut my position to Part-Time, essentially making my monthly wages unlivable. At 35hrs/week, I was living Month-to-Month. At 28hrs/week, I am thankful to have savings!

My boss warned me (which I am thankful for) and the day the official word came down, I started job-hunting. Two weeks later, I accepted a very decent job offer (including paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance etc & so forth). I absolutely love my co-workers and am sad to say goodbye but I feel my hand was played for me and the decision really wasn’t much of a choice. The job is respectable enough but is further from my ideal Industry than my current job. Still, I will have time to pursue my passion and I’ll even be able to enhance my living standards! 

This hiccup is only a minor setback; I found out the day before my final session with Eileen. Instead of paying for my Character Demo in late November I will be purchasing it Mid-January. I will also be able to buy the recommended microphone for my home studio, so my goal is to be up-and-running late January. A wonderful way to start the New Year! 

I am so excited to be so close to being “official”. Literally, the last steps are to join the website that lists the auditions and set my Home Studio up, so that I can send out my auditions. From there, all I need is one paying “gig” to really get my foot in the door!

Changes, while scary, sometimes really are for the best. I’m blessed and truly grateful to have such a supportive network of family and friends, who keep me strong when I stumble! 

I am filled with hope at the thought of 2014!

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