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Absent but not Idle

It’s been a solid year since I’ve posted on my blog; June 30, 2019. Next week I turn 34 and I’ve been contemplating my accomplishments and the areas in which I still need to grow.

Now, it should be said that this blog will never again see the regular weekly or monthly posting I had attempted in the past; I have a lot of projects I’m working on and it’s just a bit too much to keep up with considering it doesn’t really have a “direction”, so to speak. However, I do find it beneficial to myself to catalog my life experiences, so I will always come back to fill in the odd reader I may have, here and there.

So, I am not about to write a lengthy diary entry of how COVID-19 – the elephant in the room – has affected my life. In short, it really hasn’t too much. Yes, there have been the obvious changes of social distancing, event cancellations, mask-wearing requirements, and yes, the Entertainment industry has definitely been hit hard. Although the voice over industry hasn’t really been adversely effected and arguably, has even seen growth because of it; I myself have been getting a few more projects than usual come my way. That’s all I’ll say about the Coronavirus; I have had loved ones come down with the illness but I’ve been blessed not to lose a loved one from it.

So, June 25th 2019 was when I stopped pursuing Voice Over full-time and started a job as a Production Assistant with a Legal Service company. I’m specifically not naming it so as to not associate my personal life with their professional organization in case a Google search populates – I do not speak for the company & all the other legalese disclaimers.

There, I actually started doing more video editing – a skill I picked up from my personal ventures on YouTube as well as a Content Creator at MCNE. This editing was on a much more serious variety, as one can imagine working with attorneys. But I definitely learned a lot and I continue to use what I learn.

I lost 30 pounds using the Keto Diet. From late September 2019 to January 2019 it was pretty successful. I then hit a plateau which was exacerbated when I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in February 2020. That surgery, along with the necessary biopsy done on two sections on the right side of my jaw – left me with some nerve damage to the right side of my face. Luckily, to the outside I have full dexterity (I can smile etc) but internally, touching my lower jaw tingles my lips, touching my cheek tingles my chin…. it’s all a bit strange. It’s slowly gotten better (either that or I’m slowly getting used to it) but it always feels like I’m holding a piece of gum between my teeth and my cheek and unfortunately, it has caused additional mouth noise to my recordings which has been endlessly frustrating. Luckily, the biopsies both came back benign and one of them had been continuously growing which would have broken my jaw if left untreated, so I can’t completely regret having the surgery but it once again solidified my distrust and dislike of dentists and now oral surgeons…..

I have started the Keto Diet again; my goal is to lose an additional 25 pounds and then I will consult with a doctor what the ideal body weight for myself should be. Health is my #1 priority but who doesn’t want to also look their best as well.

In April 2020, I finally repainted the Master Bathroom and got us moved out of the boxes of hair and body care products we had. Sounds small but after living like we were transients for 2 years, it’s nice to not have to dig through a box every time I want to attempt to curl my hair….

Aside from that, and the wedding of my friend which I sadly could not attend, I think that’s all the news on a “completely personal” level that I have to share.

One of my larger accomplishments of 2020 has been the creation of my Mindfulness Podcast “Reading With Cari” which can be found on every Podcast Streaming service or right off my website

I officially premiered the podcast on June 1st, 2020 although the Introduction episode was released on May 30th, due to the requirements of getting my podcast into the various directories. I upload a new episode every Wednesday, with a bonus Minisode on Saturdays after every 5 episodes. So far, it is very modest with about 20 downloads a week on average but considering it’s only been about 3 months and I’ve not done much, if any, advertising or marketing for it, I’m proud of my accomplishment!

The podcast is the re-vamping of my YouTube series “Reading with Cari” where I only read a short story. I now instead focus on Self-Love, Mental Health Awareness, and specifically center around Mindfulness as a supplement to other professional assistance out there. I specifically state I am not a licensed medical professional and I am very careful about what I “preach” on the podcast but I did get my MBCT Practitioner Certification on Udemy before starting and I do think adding positivity and outside support is beneficial to those struggling with Anxiety, Depression, or an over-abundance of Stress. My goal is to create a community of support for those struggling to find friends to share their issues with. I am currently trying to create a Discord-run “Roll Call” specifically for those who feel like they have no one in the world who cares about them – I will be that person. Through streaming on Twitch once a week, I will ask them to join me and I will acknowledge their presence and therefore notice their absence. I think having this “accountability partner” could truly be beneficial and potentially even life saving, and my hope is for these Roll Call members to continue talking daily in Discord, so they know they are not alone.

But – this update isn’t just about my Podcast, although it is certainly my Passion Project!

I also studied to become a Salesforce Administrator; I am not yet certified but my ranking on the practice tests is promising for sure! Although my dream is to still enter the Entertainment Industry, I am firm in my “back up plan” of becoming a Client Success Manager in a SaaS organization and the cards are clear that knowledge of Salesforce is certainly the way to go!

And you are now caught up to this week! I’ve now found myself with a few weeks of “Pseudo-Sabbatical” as I transition to the next chapter in my life. I’m using this time to focus on another passion project of mine – the YouTube Channel I share with my sister:

TierTwo Works

We are mostly a Gaming channel, I would say, however we also do Craft videos, Vlogs & Taste tests, and we’re working on an original take on the “Reaction” and “Try no To” trends. We’re having a lot of fun and I’m enjoying learning more about the ‘behind the scenes’ of YouTube (although it has only been 3 days so far!)

I’ve had some potential career opportunities dangled in my face and while the door on them hasn’t been shut, they’ve definitely been delayed due to the pandemic which is unfortunate. But overall, I have a positive mentality as we enter Fall of 2020.

I hope my next post will contain more exciting news but the Podcast and YouTube Channelare exciting to me, at least.

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