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A Timely Update

So, what have I been up to and what does March hold in store for me? Both questions have the same answer: preparation. I have all of the equipment I need for my home studio but I still need to buy a better microphone stand, since the one it came with tends to get a bit top-heavy and fall over. I have a designated area where I’ve been practicing but quite frankly, it feels very temporary. Having my studio also be a craft room generates a lot of clutter and currently it is situated in between the sewing machine and the serger table.

March is a bit busy on a personal level; I have a cosplay event planned every weekend and subsequent costumes to prepare for said events. As one can imagine, this not only takes up my free time but my workspace as well. I suppose I should feel more upset by this than I do, but as both activities bring me joy, I don’t mind so much.

This could also be due to the $500 membership fee I am waiting to save up for Voice123. I cannot audition for jobs at the moment unless I am contacted by the casting director first. I knew the free membership was “too good to be true” but I was hoping it would be a monthly fee that wouldn’t be too difficult to manage ($500/yr is about $10/wk  or about $41.50/mo). However, this is “one lump sum” that will be once a year and that is causing me to want to look at other options.

As it stands now, I am in limbo – although a more positive way to describe it would be preparation. I am practicing my recording and editing and am truthfully a bit frustrated that I am still getting interference in my recordings; the fan and A/C are off, anything that causes a noise has been removed from the room, the door is closed, yet when I amplify the sound, the background becomes audible. Once I figure out what is causing it, there are a few fan-projects that I can take part in, to keep my skills going. I will start looking for other audition venues, since at the moment it would not be financially mature to save up the $500 needed for Voice123.

I will continue to stay positive and use this time to hone my skills and become more comfortable in my own studio and hopefully I will have some fun projects to share in the near future!

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