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A Man Is Only As Good As His Word

Have you ever made a resolution to yourself – New Year’s or otherwise – that for one reason or another, actually seems to stick? Maybe not working out or cooking all your meals from scratch, but that one “Hey, why don’t I X” that just seems to be a driving force all it’s own?

For me, it’s this blog.

I’ll be blunt, I don’t have much direction for this blog. It was started as a diary of sorts, cataloging my Personal Journey into Professional Voice acting. I enjoy looking back over the entries to remember where I once was.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. – Philip Stanhope

I realized that ‘updates’ and ‘achievements’ don’t occur on a regular basis when what you’re trying to achieve is only done Part-Time, if at all. So to make up for nothing to journal, I started some Retrospective entries, reminiscing about where I came from before I even started Voiceover.

That went well for a while but it was a bit of a chore as my memory isn’t all that great. What deserves to be written about, what should be left out… I had a vision but in the end, it fizzled out.

And then something odd happened. I made a resolution to write a post for my blog once a week, which would be posted on Sundays. I had gotten into a good stride, writing one week in advance but life has been busy lately, so I’d write it anytime during the week, sometimes Day-Of which would be posted immediately. Ideally, I’d love to be back into at least a week in advance and write Sunday mornings, as that truly is one of the most peaceful times for me.

But I did it. Every week, a new post. I made an attempt to start my Social Media Campaign on Twitter, to garner some “followers” for my business (my Voiceover Career) and I would post my articles every Sunday. When I wrote tips for others, I actually got a response that some were actually reading.

And so here I am. No longer writing a Diary for myself and those who enjoy living vicariously through others. I may only have 5 readers but they deserve to get whatever they are looking for out of my blog. So my resolution gained more clout; if I can get 5 people reading my blog, could I perhaps get 50?

That then brings into question what could possibly be successful enough. Surely my musings aren’t enough. I could speak more about my personal life, in terms of creative projects I’m working on, but that muddies the water in terms of blog-direction.

That is the head-space I am currently in. I want to write a helpful or at least entertaining blog but how can I possibly come up with fresh content on a weekly basis?

And then this weekend happened. As previously stated, I’m no longer ahead on my posting schedule, so I’ve been writing Saturday or Sunday morning week-of. Only this weekend, my family came up to help me move (I’ve purchased a house). We’re not completely done but we should be by next weekend, when the movers come for our furniture.

I’ve just settled back into my bedroom after a long day of packing and moving. I am prepping for work tomorrow and I am pushing myself to pack a bit more before I call it a night and if you can believe it, I get this nagging feeling that I did not post on my blog today!

Such a silly self-resolution to feel an attachment to! And what could I possibly prep at 10:00PM that would be cohesive?

Still, the nagging sensation lingered.

So, I sat down and just started writing. It’s nothing profound or exciting; I’m not providing sage advice or even an entertainment piece. I’m simply keeping true to my word.

Sometimes, I think, that’s good enough.

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