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A Day Late & A Dollar Short

So, I think the delay of this blog and the brevity is a beautiful example of how life can sometimes get ahead of you; this is definitely the case for me currently.

As I’ve made it abundantly clear, I am moving from a rental to my own home and man has it been a struggle. The merge of “stuff” when my sister and I initially moved in together was never handled correctly originally and our parents’ House Purge brought even more childhood affects to our humble abode. That all culminated in half-organization and half-panic as we struggled to move all of our affects.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not hoarders! In fact, we rented a dumpster specifically to get rid of things we no longer want. Our new house, although now covered in boxes, has a goal and a vision for each room and my sister and I are so excited to unpack and decorate.

Yet, the honest truth is that all of my free time has been used to pack and clean our former home! The traffic and distance between houses added a lot of “wasted time” to our days, and so it was just yesterday that we finally got everything out; we are done! We decided to hire a professional cleaning service to do things like clean the ceiling fans and other odd things that go into deep cleaning. We need to be completely done and out by the 31st and we made it! Phew!

But that also caused me to miss my self-imposed deadline of this weekly blog. I thought about writing what I’ve learned about Social Media or perhaps provide my take on the Pay-2-Play sites and the drama that lies there… there are plenty of things for me to write but no time to do it lately!

However, that will change quite soon now that I can focus my time on the new house. There are going to be many changes in my life, some small, others not so much. I think this blog will definitely feel the impact in a positive way and I look forward to writing posts of substance, rather than ‘filler’ to keep me in the habit of a weekly article.

Thank you for sticking with me during this awkward time!

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