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Now that the craziness of the holidays have passed, I can once again settle myself in for a progressive year. Honestly, I don’t really play into most of the social norms – such as the “New Year’s Resolution” – however I do appreciate the time set-aside to reflect on how one lives their life and what changes they’d like to make. I do this sort of thing around my birthday as well, but there seems to be more of an impact at the start of a new year; I think the physical act of getting a new calendar – a “clean slate” if you will – is metaphorically stronger than blowing out a few candles.

With that said, my focus for this year will be:

  1. Staying Motivated

  2. Challenging Myself

  3. Getting Healthy

  4. Keep up with Social engagements

  5. Continue my creative flow through use of Cosplay

  6. Step up my Branding and Marketing Game

  7. No matter what, Remain Positive

That’s it in a nutshell; I hope to be able to look back on this year with pride with all I’ve accomplished but only time will tell!

I know I’ve mentioned it previously but the decision to “take a step back” and return to a full-time position really did feel like a sharp left turn in my life’s road. Although it was an obvious choice to make, it was definitely not a decision I took lightly. It will be one month come January 7th and I do not regret it. However, I already feel the pangs I was dreading.

I feel like I’ve given up on voice acting, which is not true. If anything, I’m revving up to fight harder; just at a different angle. For the past year or so (longer if you count my training) I’ve been focusing on voice over – commercials, IVRs, that sort of thing. Now that I’ve FINALLY found exactly what I need to be doing, I need to re-group, re-train, and sharpen a very specific skill set. This will, in turn, take me closer to my goal than I would ever be on the path I’d been walking. But it’s hard to ignore that this re-focus feels like a set-back, in the now.

The biggest obstacle I will face this upcoming year will be myself. I have to remember that it is I who define my own success and this regrouping is not a sign of defeat. I have to stop looking at my age and comparing myself to others; their journey is different than mine.

With that solemnity out of the way, I am actually doing some pretty exciting things already! The end of 2015 had me preparing to record my Animation demo; there was some debate as far as the timeline of this project but I believe I am looking at a solid February date.

Starting January 7th, I will take part in a 4-week, 2hr/week, workshop with Global Voice Acting Academy titled “Games, Toys and Mobile Game Apps: Youthful Voiced Female Voice Over Class”. I am SO excited for this seminar – bouncing ideas and voices off other talented actors, led by the amazing Cristina Milizia, will be an entirely new experience for me. Not to mention getting Ann Ganguzza’s advise on my website and other branding/marketing is a GREAT way to start the new year moving forward!

This weekend, I will be updating my professional headshot and really start re-defining myself as an artist, which is exciting in and of itself (I’m going to wait to hear Anne’s opinion but I know my hairstyle has at least changed, so the pictures I have up now have got to go before she sees them!)

After the workshop in January and my Animation demo in February, I think I will spend some time on Narration, with my first vocal coach, Eileen Kimble. That’s tentatively slated for March but still flexible. I’m thinking getting a solid demo made for that, to accompany my Animation demo, will really re-build my wheelhouse. I’m debating updating my commercial demo (it’s the foundation for any voice over talent) however, I really do want to focus on animation, games, and storytelling, so I’m going to “Play it by ear” with that.

Amongst all this, I will also be working on a more personally creative project. I’ve not fleshed it out; I might return to my “Reading with Cari” series or re-birth my podcast. I really just need to have something to push me to go in the studio on a daily (or semi-daily) basis.

There are also SO many other amazing sessions to take with Global Voice Acting Academy, as well as ListenUp Audiobooks, and I will continue to use resources like VO Peeps and WoVO to motivate and educate!

With all of that combined, I hope to feel ready mid-year (my goal is by June) to really hit auditions hard once again; this time, with the right focus. I’ll be having a serious conversation with the agents I currently have and will hopefully add a few agencies to my team.

Until then, I’ll be focusing on practice, study, and research! But hopefully, I’ll still have many positive experiences to share with you.

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