Trained in theatrical performance makeup by Tina Hantula,  Costume and Makeup Supervisor at UGA,  Cari is able to do her own look, from beauty glamour to the macabre.

Satan - Passion of the Christ
Photograph: Cari Favole

Cari has been making her own costumes for performances since 2004 and has used not only fabric but leather, EVA foam, upholstery foam, papier-mâché, wood, and even PVC to achieve the various looks.

She-Ra - She-Ra
Photograph: Christine Favole

Cari has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from the University of Georgia with a focus on Performing Arts and has taught herself the necessary techniques of working on camera.


She currently focuses on Improvisational Performance as a Character Performer. 


Rapunzel - Disney's Tangled
Child: Hayden
Photographer: Tonya Morrison

Snow White - Disney's Snow White
Children: Undisclosed
Photographer: Christine Favole

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Rarity - My Little Pony
Photography: T. Geist Photography and Art

Yuffie - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Photography: Andre Dennis

Snow White - Disney's Snow White

Photography: Christine Favole

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Warner Siblings - Animaniacs                       Yakko - Andre Dennis
Photography: B+C Photography                   Wakko - Christine Favole
                                                                      Dot - Cari Favole


Batwoman - DC Comics
Photography: Christine Favole

Above: Amethyst - Steven Universe / Photography by: Andre Dennis

Below: Lilo - Lilo and Stitch / Photography by: Catherine Gruber

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