Creative Writing

Below are some samples of my writing. I have experience in Script Writing, Poetry, Monologues, and Fictional works. 

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TITLE Phoenix Fly

MOTIVATION: There was a fly in my recording booth,
so I wrote a poem about it.


TITLE: Forever Smiling

MOTIVATION: This piece started off with the base idea of a Barbie doll stuck forever smiling. I then also mixed a few relatable concepts everyone has felt at least once in their life.

The Tooth and the Crawlspace.PNG


TITLE: The Tooth and the Crawlspace


MOTIVATION: I found a random animal tooth in my home one day and still have no idea where it came from. I started with that oddity and ran with it!



Genevieve (Vivi) had been hoping for a fun weekend after a hard week at school but things take a very unexpected turn when she finds a large animal tooth on the floor in her home. What creature did it belong to and... what was that shadow?

Magic, Mystery, and a bit of Mayhem awaits just through the crawlspace.

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