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Favole Voice and Content Creation is first and foremost a voice over service, dedicated to delivering digital files to clients to fulfill their voiceover needs. However, Cari Favole enjoys engaging with a wider audience through social media platforms as an entertainer and finds the freedom of creativity to be invigorating and inspiring for her work as a voice over artist. 

Below are some projects Cari has created.

This mindfulness podcast series incorporates ASMR elements to help reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety, and lull you to sleep. We begin every episode with a short, mindfulness meditation breathing exercise to get you relaxed and centered. Then we dive into a short story to encourage your mind to begin a restful sleep. So, settle into bed, tuck in the covers, and snuggle up as your host, Cari Favole, reads you a bedtime story. Cari Favole has a Certificate of Accreditation as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Practitioner from The Priority Academy, instructed by Graham Nicholls, and is a professional freelance voice over actress. "Stories to Fall Asleep To" is the second season of "Reading with Cari”.

Reading with Cari

Creative Writing

Below are some samples of my writing. I have experience in Script Writing, Poetry, Monologues, and Fictional works. 



TITLE Phoenix Fly

MOTIVATION: There was a fly in my recording booth,
so I wrote a poem about it.


TITLE: Forever Smiling

MOTIVATION: This piece started off with the base idea of a Barbie doll stuck forever smiling. I then also mixed a few relatable concepts everyone has felt at least once in their life.

The Tooth and the Crawlspace.PNG


TITLE: The Tooth and the Crawlspace


MOTIVATION: I found a random animal tooth in my home one day and still have no idea where it came from. I started with that oddity and ran with it!



Genevieve (Vivi) had been hoping for a fun weekend after a hard week at school but things take a very unexpected turn when she finds a large animal tooth on the floor in her home. What creature did it belong to and... what was that shadow?

Magic, Mystery, and a bit of Mayhem awaits just through the crawlspace.

Click Here to Purchase the story in Digital Download or Paperback.

A Personal Journey to Professional Voice Acting


One of the greatest avenues for creative sharing is YouTube. Cari has had much experience with creating videos for multiple genres.


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