Pure listening magic for children’s entertainment and education.

Caroline “Cari” Favole grew up in a close-knit family, living in several states along the South-East coast. At the age of four, she became aware of and instantly fell in love with acting; her discovery of voice acting she attributes to her older sister, Christine, and their mutual enjoyment of the Disney Afternoon cartoon block. With constant support and encouragement from her parents to express her creativity, and the example set by her sister on retaining imagination into adulthood, Cari earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a focus on Performing Arts from the University of Georgia. While attending, she improved her voice over talent by volunteering with the Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic organization, recording textbooks, novels, and other reading materials for the visually impaired.

More recently, she has studied under vocal coaches and fellow voice over artists, Bob Carter, Marc Scott, and Eileen Kimble, as well as David Rosenthal and Cristina Milizia of Global Voice Acting Academy; Cari is also a member of the World-Voices Organization. Cari has now lent her voice to Mobile App Games, Toys, Web Series, Commercials, Independent Video Games, IVR Prompts, E-training presentations, and narration of children's stories. 

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What's In A Name? In my case, a lot.

My last name, Favole, is Italian for "fairy tales" or "fables." My great passion for stories and creativity is an integral part of my identity.  While by profession I am an actor, I am a storyteller at my core.  Growing up, my imagination was nurtured and encouraged, and I bring forth the freedom and enjoyment of exploration to every project.


Breathing life into words for my clients, whether it be an animated character or a commercial voice over, is my driving force. Creating voices for previously silent characters brings a rush of joy; I love to express their emotions through my voice. Even for corporate narrations, I look at the script or copy and think, "Who am I? What's my Story? and To Whom am I speaking?" Suddenly, that E-Training Presentation becomes engaging and effective, and the listener retains more information.


So yes, I am Fairy Tale Voiceover.


What's your Story?